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Every smile is uniquely designed with you in mind. We will help you find the best options to fit your lifestyle and give you the smile of your dreams.

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Welcome To Centre for Smile Designs

The exceptional staff here at Centre For Smile Designs strives to bring all our patients an elevated dentistry experience.

Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of John Hopkins, DDS Centre for Smile Design’s office operations.

We believe certain values matter the most when it comes to the health and the happiness of our patients. Most importantly, we believe a brighter, healthier smile leads to a brighter, healthier life – physically, mentally and emotionally – for my patients.

Understandably, our primary goal is to make our patients’ lives a little better and brighter each day.

Dr. John Hopkins, a third generation Mississippi Gulf Coast dentist, has been one of the Gulf South’s premier cosmetic and general dentists for over 25 years.

Get Your Smile And Your Confidence Back

Implant Dentistry

Mini dental implants can help hold loose dentures in position or replace individual and multiple missing teeth.

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    The Mini Dental Implant Advantage

    Immediate Results

    Because they are less invasive, and don’t require the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, they can typically be loaded with crowns, bridges and dentures immediately.

    Less Healing Time & Fewer Visits

    Because mini implants are much smaller, placing them is a less invasive procedure—requiring less healing time and discomfort, and fewer visits.

    No More Decay

    Mini implants are made out of titanium—the same type of material that is used on artificial joints, and they are not subject to decay or periodontal disease.

    About John Hopkins, DDS

    After attending Tulane University and receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mississippi in 1977, Dr. Hopkins graduated from the prestigious Emory University School of Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia.

    At Emory, Dr. Hopkins studied directly under Dr. Ronald Goldstein, considered the father of modern aesthetic dentistry.

    Following graduation from Emory in 1981, Dr. Hopkins joined an esteemed multi-specialty practice in Palm Beach, Florida, where he honed his skills in numerous dental specialties: endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and aesthetics.

    While in Florida, Dr. Hopkins also completed the continuum at the Pankey Institute, the most renowned dental education institute in the world.

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