Emergency Dentist in Gulfport, MS

When a dental emergency affects you or your family, you need treatment as soon as possible to ensure the best long-term outcome and avoid unnecessary complications. Dr. John Hopkins, DDS, is your emergency dentist in Gulfport, MS, at Centre for Smile Designs.

Emergency Dentistry When You Need It

Emergency Dentist in Gulfport, MS John Hopkins, DDSIdeally, dental care takes place after careful evaluation and treatment planning. However, there’s simply no way that families can plan for every dental emergency. Physical injury, the sudden onset of dental symptoms, and other factors could leave you in need of immediate care at any time.

At Centre for Smile Designs, we understand the need for emergency dentistry and schedule our practice accordingly. We leave room for unexpected, same-day appointments so that patients who need urgent care can get treatment as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call right away. The need for an emergency dentist covers a wide range of scenarios, so the plan of action for any given situation can vary. In any case, calling us now to find out the next steps is your best course of action.

When to Call an Emergency Dentist

Sometimes, the line between requiring urgent care today and needing to schedule a later appointment isn’t clear. In general, it’s best to err on the side of caution and let our experienced team make that decision. There are many different scenarios when you or your family might need an emergency dentist.

A sudden onset of severe toothache is a reason to call an emergency dentist. This could be due to unseen decay, damage, or infection that has suddenly reached a critical point. If you have a sudden toothache, you should call Centre for Smile Designs right away. This is true even if the pain stops, as this could be due to nerve tissue damage.

Physical damage to teeth is another reason to call an emergency dentist. If an accident or other trauma has chipped, cracked, or knocked out a tooth, you should call right away. Make sure to hold onto any lost teeth or fragments, and contact us for further instructions. 

If you’ve lost a tooth in a serious accident, you should visit urgent care before visiting an emergency dentist — you may have a head, neck, or other injury that needs to be treated first.

Having replacement teeth or other prosthodontics come loose or fall out is also a dental emergency. If you have a lost crown or bridge, reach out to Centre for Smile Designs as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your smile.

Emergency Dentistry Procedures

Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Hopkins and the staff at Centre for Smile Designs can provide a variety of same-day procedures. In some cases, you may need a temporary solution now to protect your teeth before another treatment can be scheduled.

In general, we can provide these emergency dentistry treatments on the same day:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extraction (including wisdom teeth)
  • Treatment for chipped or broken teeth

In other cases, we may have to discuss and plan your treatment in greater detail. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you are comfortable in the meantime and to prevent any further damage to your teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Your teeth are protected by enamel and dentin, but underneath these outer layers are pulp and nerve tissue. This tissue is vulnerable to infection if it becomes exposed. If you have sudden onset tooth pain, you could be in need of root canal therapy.

This procedure removes the nerve and pulp tissue, eliminating the risk of infection. It makes it possible to keep the natural tooth while preventing long-term issues. If you are already showing signs of serious infection, such as fever and facial swelling, you should visit an emergency room for immediate treatment.

Tooth Extractions

Emergency Dentist in Gulfport, MS John Hopkins, DDSMaintaining natural teeth is generally the preferred outcome in any case, but sometimes it isn’t an option. Centre for Smile Designs provides tooth extractions when they’re needed to ensure your oral health and provide relief from pain and other symptoms.

Dental trauma, disease, decay, and other conditions can lead to the need for extraction. You may also find yourself in need of wisdom tooth extraction if you haven’t already had your wisdom teeth removed. While a wisdom tooth extraction can generally be planned ahead, some cases call for immediate removal.

Relief from Severe Toothache

A sudden toothache can be a sign of many dental issues. Severe, throbbing pain can be a sign of dental trauma, an abscessed tooth, or other serious problems. Seeking immediate treatment can prevent further damage and provide much-needed relief from the pain.

In some cases, immediate action, such as tooth extraction, may be necessary. In others, you’ll have to schedule future procedures. We may prescribe certain medications to relieve pain and prevent further damage in the meantime.

Solutions for Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is very common, with one in five adults having experienced an injury to their permanent teeth

Sports activities or accidents can cause chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth; these problems can also be the result of long-term wear or orthodontic issues. Sudden impact or severe strain on your teeth can result in damage that requires immediate treatment.

In cases of extreme damage, extraction may be the only option to prevent infection. In other cases, options such as dental crowns can restore and protect the tooth. Smaller chips and cracks may be treatable using dental bonding.

Get the Care You Need Today

If you’re experiencing any kind of dental emergency, you can reach out to Centre for Smile Designs right away. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs, ensure your oral health, and provide relief. If you’re not sure whether you need an emergency dentist, it’s best to give us a call and let Dr. Hopkins make that decision.

At Centre for Smile Designs, we provide a full range of emergency dentistry treatment options. Dr. John Hopkins, DDS, has 40 years of experience helping patients through all types of dental situations. He can deliver personalized care in a dental emergency. Contact Centre for Smile Designs today to get the treatment you need.