Orthodontic Treatment in Gulfport, MS

Orthodontic Treatment in Gulfport, MSAn average of 4 million people in the United States wear braces. Most people consider orthodontic treatment as necessary only for children and teens, but adults are increasingly turning to braces and aligners to perfect their smiles as well. 

John Hopkins, DDS, of Centre for Smile Designs offers clear aligners and other orthodontic treatment options for both children and adults to help your whole family achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. 

Understanding Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that helps correct malocclusion (bad bites) with certain orthodontic treatments, including braces, retainers, and clear aligners. How your teeth fit together has a huge impact on how your bite functions, on your appearance, and even on your oral health. 

Orthodontic treatment can help with issues like:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Rotated teeth
  • Impacted teeth

One of the most common treatment options is metal braces. Metal braces are stainless steel brackets and wires that attach to your teeth using rubber bands. 

The brackets are bonded to your teeth, and they provide a fixed base that allows the other components of the braces to put the necessary pressure on your teeth. While metal braces are popular, they are not necessarily the best choice, especially for adults. 

Clear aligners, also known as invisible aligners, can move your teeth a little at a time using devices made of clear plastic. Two popular options for clear aligners include Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Dr. Hopkins offers both of these options at Centre for Smile Designs. 

Another type of orthodontic treatment is retainers. Retainers are removable devices that go over your teeth after you have completed treatment with your braces. 

Metal Braces vs. Clear Aligners

While both metal braces and clear aligners can treat a range of smile concerns, there are some key differences between these two types of orthodontic treatment.


Metal braces are easy to spot, while clear aligners are almost invisible. If you want to maintain your privacy and not let anyone know that you are getting orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are the best option. 


Clear aligners also require fewer visits to the office. With metal braces, you would have to come to see Dr. Hopkins at least once a month so that he can check how much your teeth have moved and make adjustments, but that is not necessary with clear aligners. 

When you get clear aligners, you receive various custom-made aligners, allowing you to go weeks without having to go to an appointment.


Metal braces are also less comfortable to wear. The metal can rub against your gums and cheeks, causing sores. Clear aligners have smooth edges and no metal wires that can pinch you. They are also made with advanced 3D imaging to provide a perfect fit.


Another benefit that clear aligners offer is that they are removable. You can take them out before meals, helping you enjoy all of your favorite foods without worrying about harming the device. With metal braces, you have to avoid many hard and sticky foods for fear of breaking the braces. 

Because aligners are removable, they are a versatile orthodontic treatment option that allows you to brush your teeth and floss as you normally would. 

Metal braces can make brushing complicated, and they provide many spots in which food particles can get trapped. These food particles attract bacteria and increase your chances of developing cavities and other oral disease issues. 

Getting Orthodontic Treatment

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to not only give you a more pleasing smile, but also to help maximize your bite. So if you want to perfect the way your teeth fit together and function, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. John Hopkins at Centre for Smile Designs. 

During this consultation, he will assess your teeth and oral health to determine which orthodontic treatment is best suited for your needs. He will also discuss treatment length and costs, providing the many payment options available at Centre for Smile Designs, including Care Credit monthly payments. 

The Treatment Process

If you can benefit from clear aligners like ClearCorrect or Invisalign, Dr. Hopkins will begin by using 3D imaging with a top-of-the-line CBCT X-ray machine and creating digital impressions that can help the lab make your aligners. 

Once the lab has created your aligners, you will need to return to the office for a fitting. In some instances, Dr. Hopkins can fit small attachments to help the aligners stay in place. 

A few weeks after this orthodontic treatment appointment, you will return for a checkup. With aligners, you don’t have to depend on Dr. Hopkins each time you change an aligner tray, giving you independence and saving you time while still getting effective treatment. 

The length of the orthodontic treatment depends on the issues that Dr. Hopkins needs to correct. To make the process as effective as possible, you need to wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day. You usually wear each aligner for one to two weeks before moving on to the next tray. 

Caring for Your Aligners

You need to take the aligners out every time you eat. Chewing with them on can crack them or otherwise damage them. 

You also need to clean them daily. It is a good idea to brush them each time you brush your teeth. This can help remove bacteria while also keeping them looking clear. 

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Brush all sides of the aligner, and then rinse them with cool water. Avoid hot water. 

Each time you remove them to eat, give them a rinse with cool water. You also want to rinse your mouth after eating so that particles do not get trapped in the aligners when you wear them again. Remember to put them in their case when you remove them so that you don’t risk losing or damaging them. 

Turn to Experts for Orthodontic Treatment

If you need orthodontic treatment in Gulfport, MS, turn to Dr. John Hopkins at Centre for Smile Designs. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Hopkins offers top-quality services and compassionate care with the latest treatment options to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. 

Call today to schedule your consultation.