Traditional Implants vs Mini Dental Implants

Watch this video to learn about the differences in the process and healing periods between conventional and mini dental implants.

Why would you want a mini implant instead of a regular implant? Well, first off, one huge reason is healing. Mini implants are way less invasive.

As you can see, this many implant here compared to the old fashioned two piece implants. In this case, this has to heal for three, four months before the top can be put on and a crown on top of it. This implant here was placed and a crown was on the same day. That’s a big plus.

Most people love the convenience and the fact that it’s less invasive, heals quicker, and also less expensive. If you think that sounds good, please come see us about mini implants and ask about a free consultation with a 3D scan.

About John Hopkins, DDS

After attending Tulane University and receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mississippi in 1977, Dr. Hopkins graduated from the prestigious Emory University School of Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Emory, Dr. Hopkins studied directly under Dr. Ronald Goldstein, considered the father of modern aesthetic dentistry.

Following graduation from Emory in 1981, Dr. Hopkins joined an esteemed multi-specialty practice in Palm Beach, Florida, where he honed his skills in numerous dental specialties: endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and aesthetics.

While in Florida, Dr. Hopkins also completed the continuum at the Pankey Institute, the most renowned dental education institute in the world.

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