What Teeth Whitening Services Do You Offer?

Watch this video to learn more about our at home and in-office teeth bleaching services to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

You know, I’ve found in my career that one subject everybody is more than happy to talk about is tooth whitening, or tooth bleaching, as some people call it. And why is that? Well, it sounds great. You wear some trays, you come into the office, however it’s done, is quick, easy, painless, and you have these beautifully white teeth. Well, how do we do it?

What way is better? Quite frankly, every case is different, but for most people it involves making a custom set of trays that you take home and wear for an hour and a half, 3 hours a day. Different schedules for different people. Do the teeth get sensitive? Sometimes they do a little bit, but we have different strengths that will take care of that for you.

There are certain mouthwashes, rinses, that also help keep sensitivity to a minimum, but most people find their teeth and gums are not sensitive, so that’s a great plus. We have different strengths of bleach for different situations. We also offer core whitening, which is the ultimate whitening. It involves a proprietary tray making process and it will get your teeth as white as anything possible. For some people, they may have tried, say, Crest White strips at home, and they will work.

But by the time you go through all the boxes and inconvenience, you probably have found out that having it done professionally is just as cheap or maybe even less expensive. So give us a call about bleaching if you think that may be appropriate for you, and we’ll discuss it with you.

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About John Hopkins, DDS

After attending Tulane University and receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mississippi in 1977, Dr. Hopkins graduated from the prestigious Emory University School of Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Emory, Dr. Hopkins studied directly under Dr. Ronald Goldstein, considered the father of modern aesthetic dentistry.

Following graduation from Emory in 1981, Dr. Hopkins joined an esteemed multi-specialty practice in Palm Beach, Florida, where he honed his skills in numerous dental specialties: endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and aesthetics.

While in Florida, Dr. Hopkins also completed the continuum at the Pankey Institute, the most renowned dental education institute in the world.

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