Immediate Dental Care for Your Urgent Needs

Immediate Dental Care in Gulfport, MS | Emergency Dentistry

None of us anticipate a dental emergency. You might be going about your day when you are suddenly disrupted by a sudden jolt of tooth pain, a dislodged crown, or a knocked-out tooth. Dental crises don’t follow our schedules and often occur at the most inconvenient times. These surprises can happen anywhere without warning. At Centre for Smile Designs, Dr. John Hopkins and his team are here to help and are dedicated to providing immediate dental care to those who need it.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? Immediate Dental Care in Gulfport, MS | Emergency Dentistry

If you are faced with a dental problem, then you may wonder if your issue constitutes an emergency. You can always call us for guidance, but if you are struggling with the following, we will likely schedule you for an emergency visit:

  • Severe toothache: A sudden onset of an intense toothache could result from advanced tooth decay or an infection that may need immediate attention.
  • A damaged or lost tooth: Physical damage to the teeth can result from an accident, causing a tooth to be chipped, cracked, or knocked out.
  • A lost crown or bridge: If your crown or bridge is dislodged, damaged, or lost, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Determining the seriousness of your dental issue can be challenging. At Centre for Smile Designs, we believe that if you’re in distress, it’s an emergency. While immediate dental care provides pain relief, it also prevents further issues down the line.

Immediate Dental Care Procedures at Centre for Smile Designs

When it comes to emergency dental visits, 93 percent are related to tooth loss, infection, and decay. Dr. Hopkins and his team are fully equipped to manage and treat a range of dental emergencies. We offer solutions to provide you with prompt relief, offering many dental treatments on the same day.

If you are experiencing sudden tooth pain and inflammation, you may require root canal therapy. This procedure removes the tooth’s inner pulp tissue to eliminate infection. Root canals can prevent the need for tooth extraction by prolonging the life of your natural tooth.

In other cases of severe discomfort, you may require a dental extraction. A series of issues can lead to tooth extraction, including dental trauma, decay, and other diseases contributing to significant discomfort. Some may need immediate removal of wisdom teeth if they require urgent attention. If you need to have a non-wisdom tooth removed, Dr. Hopkins can promptly replace it with a mini dental implant.

Additionally, immediate action can save a tooth that is cracked, chipped, partially dislodged, or knocked out. If your tooth comes out, handle it carefully by the crown and keep it moist by either inserting it into its socket, holding the tooth in your cheek, or putting it in a container with milk. Be sure to call our office right away to improve treatment outcomes.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

At Centre for Smile Designs, we take your dental concerns seriously because we don’t want anyone to experience discomfort. If there’s one thing we wish to stress to our patients, it is the importance of not delaying treatment. Immediate dental care is crucial as it can quickly treat pain and discomfort, prevent complications, and help maintain your oral health.

We prioritize immediate dental attention for the well-being of our patients by leaving room in our schedule for emergency visits. If you are wondering if you need immediate dental care, call our office today. We are here to ensure you answer your questions and provide the immediate dental care you deserve.

Get Immediate Dental Care Now

Dental emergencies come unannounced, disrupting our routines and causing unexpected pain and worry. In the face of these sudden dental issues, staying prepared and seeking immediate care is crucial.

At Centre for Smile Designs, Dr. John Hopkins has dedicated 40 years to ensuring his patients receive the best possible care. If you are unsure whether you need immediate attention, contact us now and let us guide you.

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